An Environmental Monitoring Plan is an essential part of any food safety and quality assurance program.

Product contamination is one of the main causes of a recall for a food company. Recalls can result in loss of profits and more importantly, a loss of trust with consumers. An Environmental Monitoring Plan is a proactive approach to mitigate risk for your company by verifying that food safety management systems are working as intended.

Our experienced team of quality experts will work with you to design a customized Environmental Monitoring Plan for your facility. Their independent approach results in an effective plan that indicates the true health of your factory environment.

The expertise and support you will receive, not only includes a customized Environmental Monitoring Plan, but also:

  • Training resources including: hands-on swabbing during factory visit, webinars, knowledge assessments, visual standards and videos for swabbing
  • Customized factory map with zoning
  • Support with data trending, corrective actions and preventative controls
  • Excellent Customer Service seven days a week

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