We look forward to working with you.

We believe it is part of our responsibility to help protect both consumers and food industry businesses and our team is here to support you in any way we can as a trusted laboratory partner.

From start to finish, we work to ensure that the testing process is efficient and effective for your business. Your samples begin processing the day they are received, and our team of experts stands ready to assist with questions and suggestions along the way. Our team is happy to help in any way we can and welcomes the opportunity to do so.

It’s easy to get started!


Set up New Customer ID Number

Email us to sign up as a new customer or complete this form to receive a new Customer ID Number. Our Customer Service team will follow up with everything you need to get started.


Submit Samples

Visit our Sample Submission Portal and register as a user to submit your samples online. Most of our chemistry and microbiology tests can be found there. If you are unsure about what testing to select, or can’t find a test you are looking for, contact Customer Service for assistance.

Unsure about what testing to select? Our Customer Service team can provide suggestions to ensure you receive the most accurate and efficient results based on your needs.


Collect and Package Samples

Collect samples that are representative of the product to be tested, and package carefully to prevent loss of sample integrity during shipping. Be sure to include a printout of your packing list from your online sample submission or the analysis request form in your shipment and confirm that your sample labels match the information on the printout.

Contact Customer Service for guidance on an appropriate sample size for your submission and for packing tips.


Ship and Submit Samples

Ship samples to NQAC Dublin, 6625 Eiterman Road, Dublin, Ohio 43016.

Samples are received Monday-Sunday from 7:30a.m.- 8:00p.m. EST. Samples received prior to 4:00p.m. are processed the same day. If shipping via UPS Critical, samples received by 5:30p.m. will also be processed the same day.


Your Results

We receive, test and report every day. Results are issued via email in .pdf format. We also offer daily, weekly or monthly result data reports in Excel for easy data trending, filtering and importing.


Absolute Confidentiality

Our confidentiality policy is held in the highest regard. We keep your information completely confidential and will only release testing results to individuals you authorize.


Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is available by email and phone to answer questions every day from 7:30a.m.-8:00p.m. EST. Call: +1-614-526-5200.

Here’s a helpful guide to getting started working with us.